Victorian Schools Triathlon Championships

Welcome to the Victorian Schools Triathlon Championships!

Triathlon Victoria and Fairfax Events & Entertainment are delighted to be in partnership to bring you the best school sport event experience in Australia.

Triathlon provides a unique challenge and introduces students to a lifestyle sport, well positioned for the changing consumer demands. The championships welcome participation as a team, or as an individual, and is without doubt an experience that builds resilience and improves confidence as students keep the focus on “finish lines not finish times”.

From registration, to training support and event day preparation, we want you to you know that Triathlon Victorian and Fairfax Events & Entertainment are there for you and your school every step of the way. We’re sure that this will be one of the best sporting events, and by working with the School Sports Association of Victoria, we have an event that meets the needs of students and schools.

Contact our team and see how we can assist your school to conduct ‘house’ championships, or your school sports association championships in a safe and supportive environment.

Register today to experience the challenge and joy of multisport. We look forward to seeing you on event day and celebrating.

Grant Cosgriff
Executive Director
Triathlon Victoria

What is it all about?

At the end of the day it’s all about having fun, while at the same time achieving a fantastic and very rewarding challenge.

Triathlon can be an imposing event. You need to swim, bike and run consecutively!!

But, that’s the challenge. And when you commit to some training, you’ll find greater confidence and determination to cross the finish line and celebrate your achievement.

There are two options to participate in the Victorian Schools Triathlon Championships.

  1. As an INDIVIDUAL – Here you will complete a full triathlon (swim, bike, run) over the distance determined by your age/school year. You will receive your own individual result with times for the swim, bike and run. Individuals will be ranked in finishing order according to time and receive a participation medal.
  2. In a TEAM – Here you and your teammates will divide up a triathlon, with each person completing either the swim, the bike leg or the run to combine for a single team time. In this event one person can do two legs if they choose and hence be a team of two.

Completing a triathlon in a team is really satisfying as you need to work together and provides a great option if you feel daunted by one of the disciplines. Supported by your school mates, you’ll be unable to contain your smile as your team joins together to cross the finish line. So find a friend (or two) to take on the triathlon challenge and enjoy this awesome event.

When and where?

Date: Sunday 3 March 2019

Venue: Elwood Park / Beach, Elwood – Click here

Entry Information:

Entries Open: Monday 4th February 2019
Entries Close: Thursday 28th February 2019 at midday
Entry Age: 31 December 2019 (minimum 12 years)


Individual: $55.00 (complete a full triathlon (swim, bike, run) over the distance determined by your age/school year).

$88.00 (divide up a triathlon, with each person completing either the swim, the bike leg or the run to combine for a single team time. In this event one person can do two legs if they choose and hence be a team of two; and the team is categorized by the oldest team member).

Entry distances:
Two distances (available for both individuals and teams)
200m/10km/2km – Junior, Intermediate and Senior
400m/10km/4km – Intermediate and Senior

Course maps for both distances

200m / 10km / 2km 400m / 10km / 4km
Junior (Years 7 & 8) ✔ ✪ N/A
Intermediate (Years 9 & 10) ✔ ✪
Senior (Years 11 & 12) ✔ ✪

Denotes individual championship event

Key Times
Race Start: 7.20am

Swim: Staggered wave starts in an open rectangular course in front of the Elwood Life Saving Club at Elwood Beach.
Cycle: A flat out-and-back course from Elwood Beach, left onto Ormond Esplanade, Beaconsfield Parade, to Armstrong St and return on the southbound lanes. Full road closure for cycle course (closed to all car traffic).
Run: Transition area onto bike path, north towards the Elwood Canal and return along foreshore paths to finish.

Please remember: The Victorian All Schools Triathlon Championships is a mass participation event with minimal equipment requirements, simply a roadworthy bike and correctly fitted helmet; and we welcome athletes with a disability to enter the multiclass category.

Marquee Booking

If you would like to book a marquee for the day please click below and download the marquee booking form and email to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can school’s complete event entries in bulk?

A school may elect to enter all students into the event (individuals and teams) however it is most efficient to create a ‘school’ group and have students enter individually as their date of birth is required to ensure that they/their team is in the correct category.

What team category do I enter if the participants are of different ages?

Team entries will automatically be allocated to the category of the oldest team member. I.e. if a 13-year-old (junior) and 17-year-old (senior) enter as a team they will race in the senior category.

How will I be communicated with?

All event communication will be handled by Fairfax Events as our delivery partner. They will communicate directly with schools, sports associations and individuals where necessary. Triathlon Victoria are also available to assist with event information prior to registration and will be onsite at the event to support your event day experience.

When and where do I collect my race pack?

Race packs are collected from the venue on either Saturday March 2 between 10.00am and 2.00pm; or race morning between 5.30am and 6.50am.

When can I rack my bike?

Participants are encouraged to rack their bike on Saturday March 2 between 10.00am and 2.00pm; or from XX:XXam on Sunday 3 March. Please allow extra time given the large number of participants (parking is restricted in the area so they may have up to a 15 minute walk/ride to race site) and the registration desk process. You will need to bring your helmet when you rack your bike and have it correctly fitted prior to entering transition. Click here to view our helmet fit information.

Is there an event tour prior to Sunday?

There will be two tours on Saturday where participants, teachers and parents can take a tour and familiarize themselves with the race venue and course. These will begin at 12.00pm and 1:00pm and run for approximately 30 minutes.

Can we erect a tent on site?

The logistics and occupancy permits for this event do not allow for schools to erect tents on site. You can book a tent site (3mx3m) in the ‘schools marquee’ by contacting us at or visit the website for more information.

On event day will there be a separate area for the school’s championships?

Transition will be set-up in such a manner that all school championship competitors will be in an area to the north of ‘transition’.

Can teachers access and be available in this area?

Teachers are permitted into the transition area on Saturday only to assist students in setting-up. There is no teacher access to transition on Sunday or during the race. School Sport Association Executive Officers may request an access vest from Triathlon Victoria and act in a support role to the skilled and friendly transition staff who will facilitate a positive experience and ensure that athletes are unimpeded when moving through the area.

Do schools or associations have their own ‘wave starts’?

The number and size of ‘wave starts’ depends on entry numbers within each category. All efforts will be made to keep participants from the same school, and schools within an association within a single wave, however this cannot be guaranteed. Wave order is scheduled for Senior, Intermediate and Junior from the scheduled start time with alternating gender.

Can I wear a wetsuit or use swimming aides?

You may wear a wetsuit in the swim. However, the use swimming aides (flippers, pool buoys and/or water craft of any description) is not allowed.

What do I do if I get in trouble in the water?

Raise your hand to attract the attention of the lifesavers from the Elwood Lifesaving Club. They will be positioned along the swim course in Inflatable Rescue Boats and on rescue craft/boards. The lifesavers will provide you support and should you wish to rest a moment and ‘catch your breath’, they will stay with you and assess the situation prior to either executing a rescue and bringing you to the beach, or supporting you to continue with your swim.

What time are presentations?

All participants receive a finisher’s medal as they cross the finish line. Formal presentations for first, second and third placegetters (male and female) will be conducted on stage once all participants have completed the school’s championships.

How can I access the results post event?

Individuals will be able to access their results via the results button on the website and through a post event email.

I can’t find my school when I search?

If your school has not been created in the system, search for ‘Independent School’ and select this option. Later in your registration you will be asked to type your school name and please complete this field. If required we will connect your entry with others from your school and/or your school once it is created by a teacher.

When can I get my bike after the race?

With over 5000 competitors across the various events the site will be very busy. School competitors will be able to collect their bikes and exit the site after the presentations (anticipated 9:45am). When exiting the race venue competitors are requested to use Head St (southern end of the venue) to cross Beach Rd and hence avoid crossing the bike course which extends along Beach Rd to Albert Park.

Will I be ‘racked’ with the rest of my school’s competitors?

Competitor bikes will be ‘racked’ firstly by event type (individual or team) and then by age category. These arrangements are to ensure the integrity of the competition and allows competitors to have some understanding of where they are placed in their category.

What happens if I cannot complete the swim?

If you are unable to complete the swim course you will be transferred to the beach by our water safety team. There your race number will be recorded and you will be assessed and provided any medical care. Should you be in a position to continue you will be directed to transition where you can transition to the bike leg, or hand over your timing chip if a member of a team. Your timing chip will record all your race times and you’ll get to cross the finish line, however you will be ‘unplaced’ in your category.

How do I make changes to a team entry?

Teachers and student can make entry changes until close of entries by accessing the admin section of the registration system. If changes are required after the close of entries these should be done at the event registration desk on Saturday 10am – 3pm or Sunday prior to the race starting.

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